The constitutive meeting of the society

The constitutive meeting of the Anders Wikström family society
The minutes
Location: The parish community centre in Pudasjärvi
Time: Meeting took place from 12.15 until 14.15 on the 7th of September 2014
Present: List of participants as an attachment (attachment 1)

1. Call to order
Vesa Holmström opened the meeting by describing the activities of the Anders Wikström family, and the genealogy research Kesäsestä maailmalle Hannu Rouru executed.

The meeting quietened for a minute to honor Hannu Rouru’s memory.

2. Election of chairman
Vesa Holmström, who opened the meeting, was proposed as the chairman of the meeting.

Resolved: Vesa Holmström was elected as the chairman of the meeting.

3. Election of secretary
Arvo Niskasaari was proposed as the secretary of the meeting.

Resolved: Arvo Niskasaari was elected as the secretary for the meeting.

4. Election of examiners of the minutes
Pirkko and Henrik Hämäläinen were proposed as the examiners of the minutes.

Resolved: Pirkko and Henrik Hämäläinen were elected as the examiners of the minutes.

5. Approval of agenda
An agenda had been formulated for the meeting.

Resolved: The agenda formulated for the meeting was approved.

6. Establishment of the family society
As proposed by the chairman, the participants in the meeting introduced themselves and mentioned the branch of the Anders Wikström family in which they belong. The chairman reported the need of establishing a family society in regards to genealogy research and arranging family reunions, as well as tracing the history of the family.

Resolved: After some discussion the participants unanimously decided to establish the Anders Wikström family society.

7. Approval of the rules
The rules formulated by the workgroup were scrutinized.

Resolved: After discussion and necessary changes the attached rules were approved for the society (attachment 2).

8. Approval of the membership fee
The meeting discussed the amount of the sum of annual membership fee and the finances of the society.

Resolved: The meeting approved of the decision that the membership fee would be 10€ per year.

9. Election of the chairman for the board of directors
Vesa Holmström was proposed as the chairman of the family society board.

Resolved: Vesa Holmström was elected as the chairman of the board.

10. Election of members and substitute members for the family society board
The meeting discussed the constitution of the board. The meeting came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial if members were selected from all of the different branches of the family.

Resolved: The following members and substitute members were elected for the board:

Member Substitute member
Kauko Virrankari Martti Virrankari
Arto Vikström Sauli Holmström
Kerttu Rouru Eemeli Marttila
Mirja Laakkonen Pentti Vikström
Jenni Hämäläinen Pirkko Hämäläinen
Sirkka Virrankari Juhani Poijula

11. Discussion pertaining to activities
The meeting discussed the future activities of the society. Emphasis was put on informing the family members of the society’s activities and the necessity of webpages for the society.

Resolved: The board will plan the future activities of the society, information services and the society’s webpages.

12. Election of performance auditors
For the regular performance auditors of the society the meeting proposed Juhani Hukari and Aino Niskasaari. As their substitutes the meeting proposed Maija Hukari and Arvo Niskasaari.

Resolved: Juhani Hukari and Aino Niskasaari were elected as the regular performance auditors, and Maija Hukari and Arvo Niskasaari as their substitutes.

13. The date and convening of the next meeting
The meeting came to the conclusion that the board will determine the date and method of convening of the next meeting.

14. Other business
The chairman proposed that in the future the society could explore places of residence of the family. After this meeting it would be possible to visit in the Penttilä residence in Hirvaskoski and its local history museum owned by Yrjö Vikström.

15. Adjournment
The chairman thanked the participants and the meeting was adjourned at 14.15.

Vesa Holmström Arvo Niskasaari
Chairman Secretary

The minutes have been examined in Pudasjärvi on the _______2014.

Pirkko Hämäläinen Henrik Hämäläinen